Extra Virgin Oil 100% Italy Dedicated to woman (2 cans of 5 liters, €16,99/liter including free shipping EU COUNTRIES)



Eva oil, dedicated to women. Delicate extra virgin olive oil with digital library included!


EVA Extra Virgin Olive Oil is an exclusive limited edition production in honor of all the women who have chosen Frantoio Archibusacci for their family needs since 1888.

Each olive plant, before being harvested, is chosen with an accurate selection process based on their degree of ripeness. The light pressing of the olives takes place within a maximum of three hours of harvesting, at a controlled temperature under the careful supervision of our master miller, enhancing the aromas.

Eva is a cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil with a dedicated process at a temperature below 27 ° C, to obtain a very low degree of acidity and a high polyphenolic content , green color with golden reflections, sweetly fruity , with elegant notes of artichoke and almond , the balanced bitterness makes it a “harmonious” extra virgin olive oil.

SIZE 5 lt
CAN PACK 2 cans
PRICE PER PACK € 169,90 (€ 19,99 / liters including transport gratis)

FREE SHIPPING IN EU COUNTRIES: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden.

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We want to reward and enhance the spirit of enterprise and female identity, that is, those women who have been able to make the world and their ideas great.
To underline the importance of the female world, we involved the beautiful actress Eva Grimaldi , to support the product dedicated to women and the values ​​of equal opportunity.

Born in the classic 5 lt can of Extra Virgin Olive Oil together with an innovative gift , a small digital library featuring some of the heroines of world literature , downloadable via the QR Code present on the Can.

It is a product with the following differentiating characteristics:

  • it comes from an inspiration of a Canino miller woman;
  • natural cultivation and agronomic practices in favor of the protection and safeguarding of the environment;
  • dedicated staff for the plot of land;
  • lower production for the benefit of higher quality;
  • higher content of aromas and perfumes.

All these characteristics convey a delicate taste to the oil .

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