Extra Virgin Oil D.O.P. Canino Grand Cru Italy (4 cans of 5 lt, €19/lt including free shipping EU COUNTRIES)




100% Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil The classic cold-pressed own production , that is the whole process of pressing, kneading, extraction and centrifugation, takes place at a controlled temperature that does not exceed 27 degrees centigrade in all phases.
Cold extraction allows the oil to maintain its organoleptic characteristics similar to those contained in the olive fruit.
Pairings : it is an ideal oil for an all-round cooking and is also recommended for frying .

SIZE 5 lt
CAN PACK 4 cans
PRICE PER PACK € 380(€ 19/lt including transport gratis)

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Certificato di analisi scaricabile

Scheda scaricabile

denominazione d'origine protetta frantoio archibusacci


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Extra Virgin Olive Oil DOP Canino Gran Cru own production , obtained from the simple pressing of Canino variety olives with the addition of minimal quantities of Leccino, Pendolino, Maurino and Frantoio from olive groves certified for the production of DOP Canino oil, in Upper Tuscia.
Pressed olives within 12 hours of harvesting.
Green color with golden reflections.
Intense fruity smell reminiscent of healthy, fresh fruit, harvested at the optimum point of ripeness.

Strong flavor with a slightly spicy aftertaste .
Pairings : ideal for bruschetta , soups , boiled beans and grilled red meats .


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