Extra Virgin Oil Grand Cru Luxury 130.4 years (6 bottles 0,500 liters, €30/bottles including free shipping EU COUNTRIES)




Extra Virgin Olive Oil 130.3 years Gran Cru, 100% Italian, cold pressed.
In this 2021 we wanted to produce oil in September to celebrate and remind our customers that just 132 years ago, in September 1888, my grandfather Arturo moved to Canino and began the Frantoiano business, the art of producing oil high quality.
This oil embodies all the passion and love in doing your job well; it is an oil that releases all the emotions accumulated in these 131 years of activity.
Pairings: bruschetta, soups and grilled red meats.

FORMAT Bottle 0,500 lt
PACKAGE 6 bottles
PRICE PER PACK € 150 (€ 25 / bottle)

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Classification :  superior category extra virgin olive oil obtained directly from olives and solely by mechanical means. 100% Italian – Cold pressed.
Cultivar : Frantoio, Leccino, Maurino, Pendolino and Moraiolo.
Production area : Canino (VT).
Average altitude : 180 m asl
Harvest period : from 24 to 30 September.
Harvesting method : manual and mechanical.
Extraction method : three-phase centrifugal extraction.
Storage : in stainless steel silos under nitrogen at a controlled temperature.
Color : intense green.
Odor :of intense fresh fruit, just picked from the plant and pressed instantly.
Taste : strong with spicy and slightly bitter aftertaste, hints of artichoke and green tomato.
Category : medium fruity.

All our Oils are always accompanied by a Warranty Certificate that tells those who have chosen us how precious our product is. The Certificate certifies the organoleptic properties and the chemical-physical characteristics analyzed and compared to the values ​​established by law, the lot and the date of packaging.

Certificate analysis download


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